Secure Forms as Shopping Carts.

eCommerce Form can be utilized as Shopping Cart Element. The forms used online are also called eforms or e-Forms. The benefits of using secure form as an element of shopping baskets are the following:

  • Simple shopping baskets can be added to any website on the fly.
  • Two forms can be combined for a transaction.
    a) Product form as illustrated below
    b) Form transmitting ordering information, including credit card.
  • Shopping basket is Smart phones and tablets ready.
  • Great for websites with few products only.

Features of eCommerce Form, as per image below:

  • Images can be embedded into the form online
  • Forms supports formulas for calculation. As per example below, it is product pricing.
  • Fonts styling can be done in the Back Office.
  • Form support all standard input fields.
  • Information and fields can be grouped in sections.
  • Easy updates using the Back Office.
  • eCommerce Form As Shopping Card

Input fields marked ( * ) are required for forms submission.

  • Check out information form is the second step in the process ordering. The form will appear automatically. Ordering Information Form

  • Marked ( * ) are required fields. The form submit will fail, when questions are not answered!

    The description and screen shots of the eCommerce and Ordering forms are from the website

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