AdMonitor™as a Keyword Tracking Tool.

AdMonitor™is a desktop application and service that helps businesses with medium to a large AdWords budgets. .

When using our AdMonitor™ service you will get the following benefits:
- Our system provides a stable top position for your AdWords results by adjusting automatically your AdWords bid prices, thus bringing you lots of new sales.
- You tell us what position you need to keep for a given keyword and our system will find the minimum bid for that position.
This way it saves you lots of money from your AdWords budget.
- Once you specify your keywords and desired positions, our system will run automatically, saving you lot of time and letting you focus on your core business tasks:
In order to see if our AdMonitor™ is a good fit for your business, please answer these questions:

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The Questionnaire Is For Your Use Only:

  • 1. Do you regularly use Google's Pay-Per-Click (PPC) as a part of your Internet marketing strategy? Yes No
  • 2. How many keywords?
  • 3. How many fringe keywords?
  • 4. What is your approximate $ budget:
    $ :
  • 5. Is your PPC AdWords campaign executed:
    a) in-house
    b) outsourced to an agency
  • 6. When bidding for the keywords:
    Do you want to maintain certain position on Google's search results?
    I am not sure
  • 7. Do you feel that Google's AdWords account provides you with all the necessary information to maintain desired position at the best $ price?.
    I am not sure
  • 8. What is the information not provided by Google that you would like to have to make better decisions?
  • 9. If our AdMonitor™ program can provide you with such information?
    YES, I am interested
    NO, I am not interested
    I am not sure, yet
  • 10. If you maintain AdWords account in-house, how much time do you devote daily to managing your AdWords campaigns?
  • 11. Would you wish for a third party automated solution to help you with AdWords bidding process to maintain any desired position?
    I am not sure
  • 12. What information you are missing and they can help you to optimize your AdWords spending?
  • 13. Do you feel that you are overspending with Google AdWords comparing to the revenues generated from the program?.
    I am not sure

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