IT Back-Office Online with a trade name and domain IcyCRM™

Edit Custom Field:

  • Comment
  • Image
  • Dropdown
  • Checkbox
  • Textfield
  • And other custom field inputs. Add Field in the Back Office

Print Editing

Fonts editing uses the standard Tiny-MCE editor

  • Each form can be printed with or without the content
  • Each form can also be exported to PDF, with or without its content
    Download sample PDF form here
  • Display - refers editing of text label on online forms
  • Print (generic) - When a new page is checked, the printing of the following text will start on a new page.
  • Print (label) - refers to font-editing of labels on print out
  • Print (field) - refers to the font-editing of fields on print out
  • You can see a sample of print-out Back Office Text Editing Online and Print

Calculation for e-Commerce forms

You can embed mathematical formulas into the forms online to provide price calculation

Back Office Formula For Pricing Online

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