Order Fulfillment Software - feature list

Custom designed Order Fulfillment Software Back-Office for an eCommerce company selling specialized hardware online. Images show flexible settings that will enable website users to seamless purchase with selection of shipping. On the merchant's side, the procedures are pre-programmed, minimizing an opportunity for costly errors.

The features of our Back-Office several sections:

Generic - Log level has few important choices.
Company time zone - it is important to select right time zone for where you are shipping from.

UPS API (Application Programming Interface) it is a connection, where your website will log in to the UPS database to fetch real time information for your purchaser.
User ID, Access Key, Shipper numbers are confidential information used to communicate with shipping companies' APIs,

USPS API US Post Office Application Interface with user ID to log in.
On-season check box.

Shipping rates common
On-season US - check box
On season CA - check box
Shipper state - enter location
Non-splittable products - list of products that algorithm uses to determine optimum packaging
Email from and Email to - where you enter your company's email

Shipping rates UPS
Price multiplier - indicates your markup on the shipping cost
Discounted states - with lower cost
Shippers state - entered
Discount multiplier - (default) -
Discount multiplier - (light)
Enable premium shipping - check box
Premium shipping multiplier - your mark up
Saturday delivery cutoff hour - important
Fallback rates (.csv) - predetermined tables of costs for back up
Query mode Web API

Shipping Rates USPS
Enable - check box
Price multiplier - 15% mark up
Large box products - list of products requiring a large box
Custom box products - list of products requiring large boxes
Envelope maximum weight - content plus envelope
Envelope price - $6.99
Medium box max. weight - 40Lbs in this example
Medium box price - $9.99
Large box max. weight - 52Lbs
Large box price - $13.99
Custom box maximum weight - 65Lbs

Shipping Rates (Freight)
Minimum weight - 500Lbs
Weight 1 - 801Lbs
Price 1 - 250Lbs
Weight 2 - 1501Lbs
Price 2 - 450Lbs
Maximum price - $550


Generic Information and UPS API

Shipping Rates Common Shipping Rates UPS Shipping Rates USPS Shipping Rates Freight

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